Investing in bonds is dated, boring, and confusing.

 We change that.

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Instant Access to Professional Investing Strategies

We pioneer strategic bond investing giving you smart and effortless access to the bond market. 

Wall Street brought to Main Street 

With as little as $5, you can invest in professional bond trading strategies backed by Wall Street firms and hedge funds alike. We make professional investing seamless and simple to the new investor. 

Commission - Free Investing

We ensure that investing doesn't eat into your profits with our commission-free model.

Hybrid of Robo - Advising and Choice

Our recommendation engine curates and personalizes the investment process. We make picking an investment hassle-free for both new and experienced investors.

Our Vision

The bond market is a massive $40 trillion dollar market virtually untapped by retail investors. Dominated by institutions, governments, and wealthy investors, we truly democratize and revitalize this market for the modern millennial investor. 

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